Arcola Products Case Study


The lovely gang at Arcola Products came to us in search of some help with the SEO performance of their site. The company has been established for well over 30 years, and they felt their online presence didn’t match that successful history.



SEO Audit

Link Building

Content Plan


First page listings for targeted terms

4x quicker site speed

SEO Audit:

We performed a full audit of the site which, at Discoverable always means a juicy list of quick wins. We often find a big pile of these bad boys when we perform our initial search, often easy to fix or implement and tend to bring results quickly. This audit also highlighted a key issues with the sites performance, it’s speed…

Site Speed:

Site speed is too often overlooked by designers and developers. Fortunately we’re here to right some wrongs. And there were a few wrongs on Arcola. So we looked at the numbers and compiled a detailed list of actions that we were confident could make a significant dent in the load time. The results – 3 seconds shaved off of load time!

That’s incredible. And it’s a double edged sword. Less traffic will bounce, and you’re with Google’s love of a speedy site, you’re going to start to climb in the organic space. Excellent.

We like those sorts of results.


If you’d like those sorts of results, get in touch.