Marketing Funnels & SEO

How you can leverage the marketing funnel to improve SEO

Stop what you’re doing and listen. A simple marketing funnel can not only change your SEO strategy it can change your business strategy.

It was the Spring of 2014 when I stepped out of the dark world of SEO for five minutes to look at the bigger picture. What a day that was. I became a man. An SEO man. Or Digital Marketing man, any other buzzword man really.

I discovered how Marketing Funnels and SEO are so beautifully linked.

I’ve always been a believer in the bigger picture but i’ve never really seen it.

Until that Spring.

A much valued colleague opened my eyes to the power of the funnel.

A simple concept with far reaching benefits – and implications.

You can take your business and put it through the funnel. I’m sure you can do it for yours. Not matter what size. Our example had a turnover of 400 million – but yeah we fit that bad boy in the funnel alright.

Introduction to the funnel

We’ll start with the points of the final. There’s 5 in my example, so i’ll number them for you. Like painting by numbers this…

1. Plan

Define your target market. Sit down and do a funnel. That’s not a great way to start this post but it’s true. How many digital marketers out there just right about any old crap because they think it’ll be ‘viral’? No, slap yourself. Every piece of content you put on your site should have a purpose. A higher level goal. Nothing should be chucked on without thought. Challenge your copywriters to know their goals before setting off on their latest journalism project. So we want relevant content, that has an achievable goal. Perhaps brand awareness, perhaps it’s interacting in comments or social. Get this step right and you’ll be on the right track early on.

Key Measures: Did the funnel work for you?

2. Reach

You’ve got your target market so it’s time to get your cracking work in front of people. Without good reach you’ve got nothing. You want to aim high here as the conversion is low. We’ll be losing people at every step of the funnel, so don’t be too hyper specific. Can you use video to generate new traffic? Find an angle with your product or service that can get people talking. If you can have the conversation with people who are in market, even better. Create goals for that content that can help guide customers to the next step.

Key Measures: Fans/followers | No. of visitors | Links

3. Act

So you’ve managed to get some people talking to you, fantastic. And they may’ve checked out your products as a result. Awesome. Now is the time to sell yourself. Flaunt your talents and your skills – push your trust signals all over the place. Get them liking what they find as they navigate through your site. This is how we convert content browsers to buyers.

Key Measures: Ave time on site | Shares/comments/likes| Behaviour flow to conversion

4. Convert

Money exchanges hands. Contact forms are submitted. Email lists are subscribed to. Whatever your end goal this is where you get them. You’ve put in all the hard work to get the customer to this step – it’s time to convert, give them the hard sell, make that booking.

For me this is what your business should already be doing well. It’s your bread and butter and hopefully you’ve optimised the process and squeezed every ounce of conversion out of it. If you haven’t a marketing funnel probably isn’t for you. Get the basics right first!

Key Measures: Leads | Conversions| | Email subs | MONEY!

5. Engage

The last step in the funnel. Make sure that one booking wasn’t the last. The conversation with the customer doesn’t end because they bought something. It’s just beginning. Keep that customer. Even better turn that customer into a brand ambassador. He’ll make you more money than you know. And please, please, please get a review off of him. I mean, that’s the least you can do right!?

Key Measures: Repeat purchase | Referral| | Positive feedback 


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