eCommerce Business Case Study

We've helped this online business grow by over 400% online - find out how we did it...

A 250% increase in organic traffic in a year…

This is more than penalty recovery, this is penalty domination!

It was clear early on that Google had penalised the website, we took some drastic steps to fix it.

It’s a huge decision for a business owner and won’t be right for everyone…

but if the shoe fits, you’re going to be in line to make some big money.

Time for some background.

A client came to us needing help. They were really suffering and wanted to turn their once healthy ranking website, around. So I did what I always do first and take a trip to search console and ahrefs. (I can’t live without this).

Can there be any easier way to find quick wins in SEO?

So, the alarms were going off straight away. It was clear these guys had tried hard but their efforts were misguided.

“Have You Done Any Link Building In The Past?”

The answer to this question became very obvious very quickly. They of course had in fact experimented pretty heavily in low quality, spammy link building – impressive work, really.

That left us with 2 options:

  1. Fix it.

Clean up all of their dirty links, by requesting removal, disavowing a ton and building some good links.



  1. Start fresh.

Move the site to a new domain – take all of the content, ditch all of the bad links.


We went with option 2.


One that many people don’t go for – whether clients are too emotionally connected to brands or not, i’m not sure, but it’s not a tactic I hear many people employing.

In this case, migrating to the made sense for the brand and their ranking potential.

(21ST SEPT 2015 – 22ND OCT 2015)

Pre site move


Post site move

That’s a 250% increase in organic traffic. 

21ST SEPT 2017 – 22ND OCT 2017

Traffic Data Updated For 2017

Over 500% growth in traffic from time we started work with our client – they are very pleased to say the least!

Interestingly, sites that get HTTPS right, tend to recover within 3 months. Google may well treat all migrations equally. If you’re thinking of rebranding, or changing TLDs for what ever reason a switch to HTTPS at the same time really wouldn’t hurt.

Transactions Pre-Site Move



Transactional Data (Post-Site Move)

That’s some success that I was pretty astonished by in honesty. I knew redirecting the domain was the right thing to do, but a recovery to this degree, well that’s ‘wildest dreams’ territory.

It’s one of those occasions where you have to be brave as a consultant/business owner. It can be an easy decision, what have you got to lose when you’re floundering on page 3? It can also be a hard one. Years of hard work can be ploughed into a domain, for you to come along and say, ‘let’s start again.’

But let this be proof that fortune favours the brave.






2015 – Ongoing