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At Discoverable we have a number of clients using Shopify and we've developed a great skill in Shopify SEO.

Understanding the nuances of the platform, the good sides and the bad, have enabled great success for our clients. Would you like to join them?

Experienced Shopify SEO Experts

Living, working and doing business in the digital era is a wonderful thing. The internet has enabled and empowered many to pursue entrepreneurship who would otherwise have been priced out of the market with hefty startup costs and a dearth of advice and information. Fortunately, if you have a great product and the passion to bring it to the masses, the internet can provide the means for you to do so. Shopify is one of the world’s most successful and popular platforms for those who want to get into potential goldmine of e-commerce but don’t have the coding knowledge to create their own online store from scratch.

However, when you set up a Shopify store, you face off against a legion of potential competitors who have access to the same tools as you do. In order to gain a competitive edge, you'll need to consider Search Engine Optimisation to help ensure that your store reaches the eyes of your target market first. If you’ve never reached out to Shopify SEO experts, you may wonder just what they can do to give you the much-needed edge over your competitors. You may even have some trepidation about entrusting your business to an outsourced third party. But when you put your business in the hands of the Shopify SEO agency, here are just a few of the ways in which they can help your store to reach new heights…

Carry out a Shopify SEO audit

Our first port of call will be to go through your online store with a fine toothed comb, logging everything that you’re doing brilliantly while also making a note of areas where you could improve. We'll also identify any red flags which could cause search engine crawlers to skip over your store and find ways to rectify them. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure that your use of keywords is on point and that your title tags are accurate to ensure that your store and your other online content reaches the eyes of your target audience.

Struggling with Shopify Architecture?

Very often your site architecture can have a knock-on effect on your SEO. The amount of time users spend on your page, how deep they scroll, how much they move around within your site and the quality of their engagement can speak volumes to search engine crawlers.

We’ll tweak your store’s structure to subtly influence user behaviour, reducing bounce rates which can harm your SEO efforts, whilst encouraging users to spend more time on the page and hopefully increase your conversion rates, too.

Build the links that will get you noticed

Google & other search engines value links from trusted sites with high domain authority. We can help you build the links that will get your store noticed by the people who matter to you. Not only will this bring a whole new flood of potential traffic to your Shopify store, it will boost your sites credibility.

Why choose Discoverable?

Because nobody is more passionate about boosting your Shopify SEO than us! We have years of experience working in SEO and we’re also extremely familiar with the architecture of Shopify. We have a wealth of technical and design information as well as a highly experienced and professional team who will not stop at anything less than the very best for you and your store.

We will work collaboratively with you to come up with an SEO strategy that will lead to sustainable growth and ongoing prosperity.

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